Oh Hear Ye, Hear Ye



Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Word of the Supreme Being, the One God, the Great Lord of Heaven’s Host:

Under the Great Bejeweled Tree of Heaven, The Maha Genii says:

"Ye as children of the Great Light, take heed in these days of the eleventh hour, as workers in the last harvest fields of this world!"

"Now to be ready, tune in and be alert for this, the Father God's Call. This is the Holy Gathering of God, for His children in His Great Light, in these Last Days."

"Behold the Word of the Lord God Supreme uttered through My instrument, The Maha Genii. For I send Healing and the Mighty Power of the Light to any who tune in with Him, wherever they are."

"For His work is advanced and initiatory. The Power and Light that pours through My Illumined Guru is the Great Light of Translation."

"Know that My Power Ray that is channeled through The Maha Genii lifts those present into inter-dimensional spheres of consciousness. The student receives and absorbs from this Power Vortex to the degree of his or her capacity for receptivity, and intelligent understanding."

"The purpose of My Great Outpouring is to prepare the student for future growth and expansion of consciousness. Each anointing from the Maha Genii serves to purify and clarify each student's instrument for greater fields of service in My Divine Plan."

"This Special Circle of Grace and Power prepares aspirants, believers, seekers, and humble devotees, who hunger after Truth, Light, and the Power of God, to make their Ascension in this very life."

"For My Chosen and Anointed One, the Maha Genii, gives forth the sacred Love Wisdom Teachings of the Mystic Path of Soul Unfoldment, by which the diligent ones, the faithful ones, and the persevering ones shall draw nigh unto My Presence. And those that perservere unto the very end, shall come unto Me. They shall know My Glory, Grace, and Power that fills every world, and shall become immortal."