Discourses of the Maha Genii


There are four great religions, and their scriptural doctrines.

There is the doctrine of the Lord Krishna of India;

The doctrine of the Lord Buddha of China, Japan, and Tibet;

The doctrine of the Lord Jesus the Christ, throughout the world;

And the doctrine of Allah, by Muhammad, his Holy Prophet.

'Now behold the Truth of God', that there is only 'One God'

Through all Religions when realized from within!

Only when man is separated by the outer world's
Seeing eye of glass is there confusion and prejudice.

The Maha Genii brings the Word of Truth, which is
Universal Love.

It is not relegated to any one faction,
But incorporates all paths that are on the 'Heart Path'.

The underlying theme of all of the works of the Maha Genii

Is to share the four religions through the 'Secret Heart Path'
Of Love and Wisdom of 'God Almighty!'

Through the 'Secret Heart Path of Love and Wisdom'.