Testimonials about the Maha Genii’s Books and Paintings


"Bless you! And thank you for sharing with Unity your Soul's expression of the love and beauty that the Christ inspires in you. We accept your gift in its fullness."

– Lowell Fillmore, President, Unity School of Christianity

"His Eminence, the Cardinal, has directed me to extend to you his gratitude for your kindness in forwarding the painting of the Risen Christ. With kindest regards."

– Reverend John A. Rawden, Secretary to the Cardinal.

"What a glorious work of symmetry, Beauty and Radiance! One can sense the Living Fire of Love and Compassion from out the very Heart of the Sun! One who looks upon your painting of the head of the Risen Christ cannot fail to feel that his own soul is leaping forward to greet the very Soul of Souls — the Living Christ. May God bless your work and may it evoke world-wide response."

– Victor Fox

"Your gift blessed us, but richer still in power to enrich and bless is your loving thought behind the gift. The love you expressed will not only draw rich gifts to you, but will continue to bless our ministry. It quickened love in us and a mighty circle of love is established that will enrich and bless all within that circle. May you continually abide in the circle of God’s love and know His peace and joy in all that you do."

– Silent Unity

"It appeals to me especially for the aura of compassion that it radiates, as well as for the halo of buddhic yellow pulsating out from the head of the Christ…the eyes are particularly inspiring, and all in all it is a masterpiece by the artist."

– James A. Gandy, Editor of Voice Universal, England

"…the color reproduction of Turriziani’s Christ. The Risen One, has a power which is transcending. I felt this immediately when I held the lovely picture in my hands…a power flows from it. In The Risen Christ, its creator has [truly given humanity a wondrous gift]"

– Lina Kane

"Vincente Turriziani's masterpiece, THE RISEN CHRIST, reveals his perfect attunement with the Hierarchy. May he be blessed for thus serving humanity as a channel for the Lord."

Olive Conway, Radio artist and producer
of the record "The Face of Christ"
featuring Manly P. Hall
with Lorin Whitney
at the organ."

These rare masterpieces are once again being made available to the public. Many healing centers have been formed through contact with The Risen Christ painting. This sublime, God-inspired art will uplift your spirit, deepen your meditations, and draw you closer to the Great Exemplar.

The Manu Genesis Speaks
The Risen Christ Lithograph