More Discourses of The Maha Genii


If ye wouldst be a Master
Do not desire to be so, but
Become an obedient servant of the Law.
The Law will make thee Master over all elements.

If ye humble thyself to the Law,
The Law will exalt thee, but
If ye exalt thyself, then will the
Law humble thee:
Hold fast the key!

The Spirit made flesh and
Entered in and dwelt with personalities.
They beheld Its Glory as the begotten
Of Light, full of Love and Truth.

Life that rejects the Spirit of Love
Manifests the mortal-self.
This gives birth to lust and false word.
The false word beings forth its offspring,
Hate, greed and repulsion.

Look within if there the
Perfect Word abides.
It is the Law and the Light and
By Its Power, all elements of Good
Shall be drawn unto thee and
Ye shall be the Temple of Light!

A Discourse Given February 8th, 1974

In the Midst

    This is a special occasion. It signifies the stimulus in the midst from the highways and the byways.
   Bring them into the feast sayeth the Lord. There are no strangers in the midst when it comes to the feast. Those who come to the feast are sent. Those who come to the feast are not curious, they all have reserved seats in the Kingdom. Are permanent residents.
   You are accounted for in the beginning. That is the wonderful part of it. That there is no stranger in the midst. The only stranger that might be in the midst is the Christ when He comes.
    In the beginning, the disciples of the Christ did not recognize Him. He came in the solid flesh then they saw Him eat. He broke bread and said, here, eat! He gave them a fish and they realized he was in embodiment.
   He is in the midst, He would be the stranger unrecognized. Then He comes unexpectedly and comes as a thief in the night.
   When does the Master come? He does not come announced. How many have seen the presence of a Master appear? Well, they come through closed doors, through the walls, down through the ceiling. They appear out of nowhere like a thief in the night.
    The world is never to know anything about the Illusive One. The Illusive One is Pure Spirit. No one can put salt on that Illusive One.
   You cannot put salt on the bird's tail. They are too illusive. The bird symbolizes the spirit. Now you see it, now you do not.
   You see the Light and the beautiful colors, you see it in the illusive element. No one can grab hold of it, because it is illusive.
   That is the mysterious agent known as the Spirit — also known as Hermes or Mercury, which is the Spirit and the Word. It quickens and makes alive.
   Driven by steeds of Light. Steeds always represent power and intelligence, horses. Grasp the reins – the flaming chariot, the fiery word of might, the power driven by Light of the World, the Light of the Word.
   Quick, quickens, it makes alive. The more Spirit each and everyone can entertain, the more power — it is a Holy Power. The longer the service in the worlds. Full power, full service eternally. How many times have we sat together like this?

The New Dispensation

   Without imagination, there is not creativity. So, dream and imagine — not without purpose — then Realization will come.
   Life is eternal and the soul is eternal — in order for the soul to be fully illumined, it takes many lifetimes.
    Going through the Holy fires. Those are the fires of purification, and no soul can be illumined without prior fires of purification. They are the inner fires, the fires of the Holy Spirit.
    John came baptizing with water, but he testified that "there shall be one after me who will baptize you with holy fire."
   That was the New Dispensation. Now. But only intensified and made double. It is going to take a terrific force, even greater than the first dispensation to bring through that new raised consciousness; in order to dissolve the old, and bring in the new.
    Now, the gathering is for those who have great potentials, having purpose, more purpose than ever before. They know the purpose and they know the plan.
   Two thousand years ago, it was not easy for the Christ to get across the meaning of the plan, the meaning of the Kingdom. He was not well received, only by a few.
   But 2,000 years have elapsed and much has been unraveled. He said, "Ye shall do greater things than I."
   Not that any instrument would do the great things that He did, not in that sense. Meaning that civilization would evolve to such an extent that the inventions we have today… The development of the mind and soul of man is much greater than it was 2,000 years ago.
    The evolution of the species. Yet, in the evolution and the gathering in the seeds of the intellect, mankind has become crystallized. That is where the danger lies: crystallization.
    Crystallization… It is like a hard shell around the head, around the heart, and around the feelings. That is the hardness of heart that has come, because of the superior intellect over the feeling heart. And when they leave out the heart, they die to life, die to soul.
   But who can do anything about it? Each one has free will in the world. Come, follow, follow the children of the Light into the Light. No one can be forced. And there is the difference.
   The Greeks had a word for it… Tthe Greeks are responsible for this Age of Psychology and this Age of Aggression of the intellect of man, and the philosophies. As we said before, man has run the course of his own intellect. He cannot go beyond where he is now. Yes, the Greeks had a word for it, but the word has ended and nothing more can be added to what the Greeks said.
   There is one element that surpasses all these elements of the Greeks and Romans and that is the Spirit and Grace of God, wherein is found the Power. There is a difference between the old and the new that is emerging. Consciousness, dimension — we enter into dimension and bypass time and the elements of the mind. This is the new.
   It is meditation, yes, it is meditation. But it goes beyond meditation, too. From meditation upon the heights we enter into dimension. We rise in consciousness through meditatio,n and we escape the density of the world and the density of the consciousness of man.
   There is not anything that will be done overnight. From decade to decade, generation to generation. It is in the experiencing of life that we unfold and grow. Although it is well known that a being —I say being because a person cannot unfold —it is the being that unfolds, not the person that unfolds. It is the soul that unfolds.

Unfolding the Soul

   The Soul can reach the heights of consciousness in a few years, providing that Soul came in with a mission. They can take great strides in their unfoldment because of previous lives.
   It does not mean to say that they have to wait 30 to 40 to 50 years before they achieve their desires. It may come in a few years, depending on the one, how diligent, how yielding that one is to the Law and to Life.
   It can take place with the youth, it can take place with an elder. Who can determine the seasons of the soul, how they will unfold?
   God, Himself, did not know when He created man, how man would come through. It was after the Great Deluge that He realized that the evil was in the heart of man, and there was nothing that He could do. He gave man free will to do as he pleased, and man brought destruction upon himself.
   God said though, that "I will never again destroy the earth by flood," which is allegorical, as well as literal.
   In the next dispensation, it will be by fire. No longer by flood, which represents the consciousness of man. In the beginning, they were led emotions primarily, and the emotions represent the watery element.
   The new consciousness represents Holy fire and Spirit. There is the difference.
The Christ baptized with fire, with Spirit and fire; John the Baptist did it with water. This is the Age, the New Age of Spirit, of freedom of spirit. Never before has this planet been bombarded with so many and so much of the cosmic rays, as it has been in the recent 30-40 years.
   So-called cosmic rays, but within those cosmic rays is another ray; it is a secret ray. It is not the ray that the scientists are claiming to know about — it is even within that ray.
   The scientists can never put their finger on that. It is the power that holds all creation together. It is that illusive element and that is that inner power that the accepted disciple will wield. That element wherein lies all the power.
   And too much power given to one who is not ready is dangerous and too much knowledge is dangerous. 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing' it is written. A little power is a dangerous thing in the hands of someone who is not ready.
   A little authority is dangerous to one who is undeveloped, one who is arrogant, one who is willful. God forbid that it would be given to one who was not ready.
   God never gave anyone anymore than they could stand, that is by Spirit.
   It behooves every disciple upon the path always to keep a humble and gentle mien, selfless, with a sense of humility. It is most important, because that is the attitude that will bring that disciple into higher Initiations in the Spirit.
   If they smite you on one side of face, you turn the other side. If they rebuke you, never mind. Do not react to any of the rebukes of life. Just be detached.
   Detachment is one of the basic elements of progress upon the spiritual path. That we react not to buffetings of men in the world.
   In the peace and patience and silence is the power. Praise the Lord and thank the Father-God. We acknowledge all the assembled hosts, the lighted beings here assembled, for they are multiple, row upon row. And they rejoice, they rejoice for the gathering.
   The Great Ones have need of thee. Much instruction to be given, much Light to be given, much fire to be given. When it is dispersed into the universe without any channel-ship, it goes back into the cosmos. It is there, it is Spirit and fire, but it must be contained in a vessel.
   So where is the vessel that would make itself ready to be fired and purified? Ye are the vessel — but the Spirit would not enter in without prior preparation. That is the urn, the same urn that the genie rises out of, with a pillar of smoke.

The Impersonal

   The patience of the saints, that is the element to be desired…
   Any questions? And they come down like seeds from the heights, like a golden canopy, the seeds in the bloom. It is up to the instrument to bring those seeds down into living word and living visual pictures. Which has been done through experiences, happy and sad, the living experiences and are the experiences of life and living.
   Not of just one soul, but from the heights. Were they not brought down, they would still be upon the heights for someone in later times to bring it down.
   Each one must be made ready to bring down certain truths. It takes much effort, toil, life and living to bring through a creative work, whatever it might be.
   No one grows without experiences. Gather experiences, but not needless experiences. Hold fast and hold firm as you experience life, for life is not easy, but it is we who must be strong in order to face life. That's for sure!
    Keep your single eye staid on the heights of being, for within lies the strength of life within. Therein lies the Light, gather in more Light that ye may have more strength of the Father's right arm.
   And the Father is all loving, kind. He does not rebuke His children, like the prodigal son, he spent all that the father gave him when he went out into the world and came back destitute, in rags. Yet, when the Father saw him coming home, He ran to meet him. He took him in His arms and loved him, He loved him, He was so glad to see His prodigal son come home. He did not chastise him at all.
That is actually how the Father-God is. The Father of Life… He has a beautiful, radiant and jovial smile. He really does. You have heard of Jove and the jovial disposition? That is the way the Father is.
   Before the Father goes His immutable Law. It is impersonal. He is impersonal. The Lord is impersonal. The prophets are impersonal.
   The disciple on the path must be impersonal. I am impersonal. I see not the person of any man.
   I must not, we must not. Otherwise, we get involved in disputes and discords, so we keep detached and always speak by the Word, speak of the great work of the Spirit, never enter into personalities, there you get into mix-ups. Praise the Lord, thank you, Father.

Cosmic Cycles

   When one asks a question, that is where the message comes. Regarding the messenger that I have spoken of to come in about 1975, being firstly Theosophical, that they expected the messenger to emerge in 1975 but, mind you, that time is here right now, because of the great changes, we are on the threshold.
   The ogre is on the threshold and now he is about to be chained. That is, his challenge is about to be accepted, that is to say he will be chained. That is that ogre in the world, to be chained for a thousand years, but even that is symbolic.
    Speaking of the cycles… of the Pisces cycle, and now have entered into the Aquarian cycle, and that is 2,100 years and some. So, we might say perhaps it is not a thousand years, but perhaps two thousand years.
   We are speaking of planetary cycles, the Piscean age has ended and the Aquarian age has begun, so we know that that is 2,100 years or more. The precision of the equinoxes is divided into 12 houses and is totally 25,860, approximately, so you break it up into about 2,155 years for each division.
   Now we are in the Aquarian cycle, which will be about 2,100 years, then we enter the Saturn cycle, which will be the Golden Age. When the Golden Age comes, you know what that symbolizes, but for the next 2,000 years there will be terrific changes and they will be atmospheric. That is to say, the Christ consciousness, the Venus ray, the number 6, which is the ray of love and the Christ. Christ love and Christ consciousness.
   During the next 2,000 or more years, the 6th race will emerge into a flowering beauty by soul, by consciousness and in dimension. No more religion, dogma or creeds, and no more commercialism, etc., etc. It will be spirit, air and dimension and consciousness. Everything will be in the air and it will be telepathic, in consciousness, and that is what we have ahead of us.
   In the 5th race, the last puppet strings are now dangling. Many changes have taken place since 1970, and they will continue through 1975 - and it is written that the messenger of the Hierarchy will emerge in 1975. Spoke about the pilgrims a few weeks ago and the meaning. Scripture speaks of 2 ½ days or 250 years, and that is the man-child that would be fed in the wilderness by God, a place prepared by God for the woman and her man-child, being the United States of America. Guess it was about 350 years. (Student was commenting - helping your memory)
   So it is a 3 ½ day cycle, and that would bring it up to 1970, so look out for the times after 1970!
   You can expect the unexpected. We are not going to prophecy gloom or discouragement, or even the best of times. There is a current running from the throne of heaven, and it has a terrific force, and it is going to cleanse the lands of earth.
   Many purgings taking place, it is taking place in consciousness, first and last. You will overcome that which is perplexing to you now. There is the song of the bird. I scan my vision and join the song of birds, and I go to nature and God within.

Let Thy Conversation Be Yea or Nay

   Whatever is in the path of one's destiny let it come and see it through. Then, let go and never look back. Go inward, upward and onward, that is the path. You will never grow old; you wil remain ever youthful and glad. That is the external youth.
    S.K., the Father God appears like a radiant youth of 16 summers. The Father God is an eternal youth, yet He is the Ancient of Days also. So let the eternal youth within you also have wisdom, like the Ancient of Days.
    Aesop - they would not give him any attention, rather credence, because he was a youth, but he spoke wisdom. So it seems he went around with a masquerade with white hair and white beard.
    That is the mask that veils the true — and what is behind that mask, that outer mask? The true self, that radiant, glorious self that is longing to emerge — that radiant glory.
   Let thy countenance shine upon me, it is declared in the poets and prophets. They had a way of expressing their wisdom from that glorious being within. And it will emerge in you, it will come forward if you hold onto that golden thread.
    So is that seamless garment. What seems right in the outer world to do, let us do, but keep detached and be not yoked by outer world standards. Just passing through the rye.
   If anybody says anything to you, say yes or no. Good morning or goodbye. Not more than that, say yea and nay, then you are free.
   It matters not what they think, what the world thinks. Those are standards set up by that outer self, and you must detach yourself from them.
   You wonder if you are going to be accepted, wonder if you will be believed, or if you will hurt somebody's feelings — so to appease their outer selves you give in, but that is not the way — that is the doctrine of appeasement.
    A disciple on the path should not spend so much time on the telephone in needless conversation, sociability, all that social life. Because it siphons the Light, the energies. Even then you should find a way to keep it short, saying I have an appointment, staying but a minute or two. After you say that once or twice, they will receive it in consciousness, but that you must do so as not to waste precious time. Then, if the conversation is just world talk, then you are really wasting precious virtue.

Measure Your Time

   Measure your time for meditation, measure your time for action. Give it due consideration, because that is what is expected of every disciple.
    No individual himself or herself is to save the world that way. If anyone wants to help, let them come to the tree, that is protocol.
    It is just like the windmills, ever-revolving in an endless cycle. It will happen and then it will happen again, from one moon to another. From new moon to full moon everybody gets up tight, then it dwindles down until they have no enthusiasm. Then they wonder where they stand, are at a loss.
   Then comes the new moon and they get stirred up again. Then sometimes they enter into needless actions and into projects that are fruitless and futile. That is the way of the outer world, from one moon to another.
   Realize that and find the safest place to be, keep detached and within. Even though you are working in the outer world, keep detached.
   Do not let anyone put any salt on our tail. Birds are free and the spirit is free! Do not let anybody put salt on your spirit.
   It is measured, the wingspread is measured and so are the pinions. The pinions are exact and hold the wings together.
   The episode, the great drama, and the last curtain act on this planet, are like comedy and tragedy. He wears a dual mask, Janus-faced. He looks behind and he looks forward, with the two faces of comedy and tragedy.
    He does not know what is ahead with that new mask; and the old mask is filled all things that he does not want to remember. Let us remove both masks and become veiled with Light. And gathering together, we gather strength, Light and understanding.
    Expect the best and the best will emerge. Let us expect only the good, depends on where our thoughts are, our beliefs, and where our consciousness is.

The Sixth Race Cometh

       Atlantis - most of them are on the West Coast. There are some, they do not belong to this evolutionary strain. They seem to belong to the old Lemurian races. The first stages of the Atlantean race are still on the earth.
   So, the whole thing is going to be wrapped up this time. Old debts are being paid. I was given to know 13 years ago that whatever I owed to those on the path in the time of Atlantis, I was paying up, finishing up which I had when I started my work in Hollywood 13 years ago.
   Many came up those stairs right here on Harvard. I knew they were from Atlantis, so I paid whatever debts I had to pay to anybody from Atlantis.
   You give to life and life is given to us. Life has given us life, in abundance. Whatever discrepancies on the path we take, hold and take care of it and cast it off.
   We are paying up debts to life, then we build new karma, beautiful karma. "Build thee more stately mansions, oh my Soul."
    The end of the 5th race is evident — from the beginning of the Atlantean days until now — it is an overlapping because the end and the beginning overlap. Until the beginning has been secured, there is an overlapping with the end.
   Like a bird before it learns to fly, you have to be ready to fly. So we have to be ready to fly into the 6th, which is the Venus consciousness in that higher body. This higher body is etheric, as Venus is an etheric planet. That is where we really belong in consciousness.
   Then, we know that this earth is not permanent, it is the great school, called the great psychological drama — and it is not real. It is a conglomeration of mixed dreams and not all beautiful. It is psychological, emotional and mental, and it has created a state of consciousness which is mixed.
   Out of that mixture we endeavor to bring out that golden balm of Gilead. When every atom of that consciousness has been transmuted, then we will rise as a vapor. Take our rightful place in the Cosmic Void, yet not void.
   With all our getting, let us get patience and understanding, and a little happiness while we can. Life without a little happiness now and then is not life at all.
   Whilst ye live and breathe in the generation at hand, grasp with all your might that fleeting happiness. It will never pass again in this lifetime.
   We grab opportunity when it comes, take hold of it and do not let it go. Because if you let it go, it never comes back again.
   Opportunity! The great gift of life, the gift of the Light. Who would have lived if happiness did not fill all space? Thus say the Upanishads.
   Happiness abounds! If you catch it, just like the butterfly as it quickly passes us by. Yet, joy transcendent is deep as a well, deep in the soul. We need both happiness and expressing of the joy of that deep hidden well and keep a balance.
   That is what keeps the sanity prevailing in some areas in the world. If it were not for the beams of Light in the various areas of the cities, there would be more earthquakes.
Because nature is disturbed. As above, so below. Nature is no less in us than out there in nature herself.
   Jesus had a word for it all, even for philosophers . . . we praise the Lord and thank the Father for His Law. Sovereign, sovereign rule! It keeps the balance for the Ages and we know that the Divine Law works within us. It keeps a balance.
   We know that we exist for eternity, but we are just assigned to pass through this vale of experiences. Being is forever! So, what are a few years of generation, of challenges, and the various experiences needed in a lifetime — we are just passing through. Out of that comes the understanding.
   What did Disraeli say? 'Youth is a blunder, manhood a struggle, and old age a regret.' But he was speaking in mortal values, in generation and that is the mortal path.
   But for those on the path — as we grow in maturity, we should grow in understanding, because we are traveling in the Spirit. And what we gain from this journey, remains with us forever. That goodness, which is built in the sou,l remains with us forever.
   Then, we do not agree with Disraeli and his values. We take what we will, but pay the price we must. Those values are in the outer. The inner life has its own values that no money can buy, not even a King's ransom.
   Be patient until the end, and I will give unto ye each a reward. A star and a crown, and a garment of Light so it is worth every step of the way.
   Then knowing that our destinies are not manufactured, but set within us and before us, for us to see it through. Then as we function with the Law for our destiny, then life becomes easier.
   But that we have to face - our destiny, whether it is high or low. The world will travel the low road and the Kingdom travels the high road. Some take the low road and some take the high road, but I will be in Scotland before you (laugh).
   Scotland was always known as the resident of many wonderful clairvoyants and seers. Known as the Highlands, where are the Scottish rites of Masonry and they still function that way. They say that they drove the snakes out of Ireland, that is, the Christ.
   Of course, this is the new land for the new race, the North American continent. Europe is the last vestige of the 5th race, and that is why you can understand the prophecy and admonition in the Book of Revelation: " come out of her my people, come out of Babylon."
   For one hour, the angel will cast a great millstone into the sea and that great Babylon will be no more. And no one will buy her incense or frankincense or merchandise anymore. And every island fled away and Babylon was found no more.
   And that is modern Babylon, Europe. It is steeped in carnage for centuries. And the only way it can be cleansed is to be removed from the face of the earth.

The Vibration of Words

    Because it is vibrations. That is why the pilgrims were led to come to this land, America. And ca - is always spirit and I am or AM - and me for ma or mother - a - ma - I - ca. I-am-mother-spirit. It is not ra - but it is ca.
   Do not you see how wonderful language names and words are? We analyze any name or word or any nation - we find the same root value. A- me - ri - ca. A - which is the beginning of all things - me or ma is the matrix or the great Mother and ra is the son and ca or ka - is the spirit.
   There is the trinity. A - ka - na - ton - same thing there.
   And a-bra-ca-da-bra. Spoken with power - it is like Moses spoke the Word. He was one of the greatest occultists. This all comes from within when you analyze words. A-bra-ca-da-bra the magic word, spoken with intent and direction, manifests what ye decree.

Resist Temptation

    Yet we desire not to bring into manifestation anything that would lift us up even materially — that we're not supposed to do. Those who know, those who serve - as a rule always have been with a begging bowl in their hands, so to speak.
    The devil said to Jesus, "If you are the Son of God, let me see you throw yourself over the cliff and save yourself." And the devil also tempted Jesus, "if you think you are the Son of God, let me see you turn those stones into bread." But Jesus could not manifest anything for himself.
    So, that is the way it is with the servers. We can do it for others, but for the self, we have no need for anything. We have the inner bread and inner Spirit.
   And sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof - and consider the lilies of the field, neither do they toil nor do they spin, because it is not necessary. It is already there for us.
   So, we strive not for outer things, but for inner things to give to the outer things, so as to nourish them in the inner. That has always been the pattern.
   Kings would give their ransoms to follow a Holy man, a mystic, that they might learn their secrets, the mystics of Europe. No gold, though, can buy any secrets.
   Even with DaVinci, he had the same destiny. They wanted to learn the Master's secrets, but they are not to be given indiscriminately; nor would St. Germain reveal them.

Be Ye Not of the World

    We are anchored here for a good reason. We do not desire to take off. That would be selfish of me to want to do that. We keep detached about it all.
   The things of the world do not disturb me - they do not faze me, so we must abide in a state of detachment. It is not indifference, it is just detachment. Say, "What's it to you. I am about God's business."
    It is of little concern. All these things that are going on in the world, when the moment comes, the Lord of Hosts will give me His nod and that is all I need. And it will be in the moment.
   So, these things are the world, the foolishness of men, and selfishness, and we should not see it. It does not become us to see it.
   As the Lord said, do not pray for the world, pray for those in the Kingdom, those that seek the Kingdom. Don't pray for those in the world, because they do not hear anyway.
   They could not hear the Lord's words with the outer ear, for the Words of the Kingdom are heard with the ear of the Kingdom. We could preach until doomsday: they would not hear! They could not hear! They are not hearing with soul.
   When we speak to soul, soul responds. Then, when we speak by spirit, we do not speak to personality because they do not take hold, there is no ear for it.
   So, speak to those who would hear, those who would hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches of Asia. Then they would hear. When we speak the Truth in Spirit, as we do behind the scenes, these sayings are for those who have an ear to hear — wherever they are on the face of the globe.
   They will receive it in their times of meditations. That is that Living Light that we give to feed the flocks in the fields of life. From where I sit, viewing the disciples upon the path, those who seek to walk the path, everyone is going through a test and a trial — time and time again.
    Everyone goes through tests and trials and it is not given by any person. It is by the pattern of the developing student or disciple. They go through every quirk of psychological change. So let us say, "How is the battle of the Armageddon going, beloved ones? How is that battle going?"
    That is what it amounts to and for the victors on the path in their battle, in their struggle in the overcoming of the self.

The Next Thousand Years

    For each one that overcomes the self, that one will act as a symbol for a thousand.
It is a thousand to one in the outer. When there is a sufficient number that have overcome themselves, then will that battle of Armageddon in the outer world be secured for all time for the forces of Light.
   It is also a thousand to one on the inner, that is the Measure of Heaven. And that is the one thousand years of Light. It is a thousand to one, that is the Measure of Heaven. And that is the thousand years of peace, too. There will be peace for one thousand years and that is an inner element. This same theme appears as he thousand-petaled lotus, the 1,001 eyes — and the 1,000 eyes in the one has 1,000 radiations, and 1,000 diamonds.
   We have to unlock the keys to the mysteries and know the meaning of the inner and the outer; and discern what is allegorical and what is literal.
   With every overcoming, there comes a beam of Light! Added to that chain and that is the chain that will chain the forces of darkness, for 2,000 years. What is that force, what is that dragon that we chain for 2,000 years? It is the astral plane, those are the denizens of the astral plane that are let loose on the earth. This means all those creatures, thought forms, entities that have been locked up in the astral plane in the lower heavens are being loosed a little at a time and are running to and fro on the earth.
    Not all at once, because it would be too much — those are the thought forms that have to be disintegrated, by the Hierarchy of Light. That is why all this craziness is on the earth. Until the last one of those creatures, thought forms, are loosened from that astral plane, the battle will not have been completed.
   When the last ones have been disintegrated and those who are not disintegrated will be chained, for that which cannot be changed will be chained!
   So is that the meaning of [the passage in Revelations]? You ask, "why is it that they are going to loose the devil for another season at end of the thousand years? That does not seem reasonable, does it? They want to plague mankind? Does God want to plague Mankind? As though He is playing games?"
    It is the nature of things. After 1,000 or 2,000 years of thought forms collected upon the globe — all the things that have come out of the heart and mind of man are taped.
    They are taped actually, in what is known as the Akasha - the Akashic Records. It is a great tape. It is not a new invention, this tape here. So there is a tape from the beginning of time, taping all the events of mankind on this plane, so the tape is full and not it must be unwound.
    And what is on that tape must be fired and disintegrated, put to the Holy fires. But before that is actually unwound, it will take a little more time. Then when it has come unwound and we have a clean state, a new heaven, no more astral plane - then new thought forms will be built in the new race, the 6th race, the Christ consciousness.
    Then we will build anew, a new heaven and a new earth! Then after 2,000 years, it is written, the devil will be loosed. As mentioned earlier, in the Precision of the Equinoxes, it takes 2,000 and some odd years to complete one house of the cosmic zodiac; and 12 times 2,001 is 25, 800 years.
    So it seems that it would be 2,000 instead of 1,000 years of peace. After the 1,000 years of peace there will have been a new astral plane built up, the thought forms. Then the devil will have to be reckoned with again. Then he will be chained for all time!
    Because that will be the 7th manifestation, manifestation of perfection, or the Sabbath; where there will be rest and peace on this earth. By that time, the forces of man will have risen to such a high state of consciousness that all the thoughts will be good and pure and life will be beautiful.
    There will not be a thing except goodness and Godliness that would be taped on the astral plane. And that is what we have to look forward to, because we will take part in it, as we are even in these days.
    So we will, in the latter days, go through these 6th and 7th manifestations; we will behold the perfectionment of the Godly plan. There we have the meaning of the astral plane and that satanic force that will be chained for 1,000 years.
    Who could stop it? Not even the hand of God can stop it, because what is in the heart of man must come out, it is written. If it is good or not good, it must come out. That which is good comes back to the source of goodness and that which is not good comes back to the source that sent it forth. And the Light disintegrates the evil that sent these negative thought forms forth.
    So there goes the battle of Armageddon, the forces of Light and forces of darkness. The Light dispels the darkness and the darkness flees into the night. For it understands not the Light and the mystery of the Light.
    For we are the children of the mysteries, sent forth from the mysteries of the Light. The worlds were created by the Light, the Light of the World, the Light of the Word, and the Light of Grace. And the Word will endure forever. The worlds will pass away, but the Word abides eternal.
    How then, does darkness dare to confront the Light? In its ignorance, it is disintegrated.

The Temple of Light

    Keep a balance, which is the equilibrium of the Law. We adore the Law, adore the Light, adore the Grace, adore the perfectionment.
    We were brought out of the seeds of perfection, to bring forth that perfection. Goodness and Godliness, happiness and joy, peace and serenity, love and loving kindness, patience and tranquility.
    Which comes first, the old or the young? The elder or the eldest? We judge not by appearance, by that which is ancient or that which is youthful. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.
    Which are the pillars in the temple? The Light of the Worlds is the pillars of this temple. There are pillars of the temple even in the world, unseen to the mortal eyes. These pillars hold the very structure of the world in place. And so be it ever in place! The temple is held in place by the pillars, like the pillars of Hercules, and the pillars of the temple of Solomon. The pillars of the temple of the Lord Christ, in these latter days, are in place for the beginning of the new day. The pillars are firmly entrenched in fertile ground — for this the footstool of the Lord of Hosts and none shall remove it from its place.
    Firm as the living tree it is, which I AM - IS - I AM, that endureth all trials and tribulations to bring forth new fruit and new seed for the new planting of the new race on this new earth.
    Workers in the field, let them emerge. Let each one be counted each in its place, for each anointing. This is the new renaissance and rebirth of the Light, of the Lighted ones.
    Rising to the 6th plane of manifestation, the ascension in consciousness of the Risen Christ of the world. Rise and shine! This be the star of Bethlehem, the evening star of the new Jerusalem on the west coast.
    This is the new land, this is the new Atlantis. This is the Venus body, this is the Kingdom on the earth. Hallelujah! Thank you - Father-God!
    Even as Enoch was lifted up, so shall it be in the New Age!
    That which is pleasing to God. Surely God is in the midst! The Lord God of Gods. The Lord of Lords unto the Son of the Most High. Praise the Lord, thank you, Father-God! This is the peace and the bliss, this is the Comforter, this is the Holy Grace, the Holy Grail and the Holy vessel, the living Light: pouring out the blessing to all humanity. We surely are the children of the living God and brothers thereof.
    And who is my brother? He that doeth the will of the Father. Be ye all yoked together in the will of the Father, being in the Great One Brotherhood, the Great White Lodge on the earth to bring through the plan of the Ages and that is for sure. Tempt not the Lord thy God!

The Legend of the Sacred Beetle's Journey
into the Sun of Glory

From the papers of the Maha Genii (notes) ©2005

Whence and wherefore, I the Maha Jin Jeni'e, did set my goal before me to do according to the Edict of the Solar Deity's nod of approval, therefore before me awaiting my persons to leap astride my Beetle Back for our journey into the sacred and secret Sun, of the world universe.

Then to journey on and through our appointed task, over the Horizon and the course of the Mighty Sun and Solar Disk as it sounded forth the sound of "OM," with the seven thunderous rays of musical harmonies of the Solar Deities melodious perfect sound of the Solar Fiery fusions Rays.