About Mahara Genii Turriziani

Maha Genii and Mahara

Picture taken of Maha Genii with Mahara

   Mahara Turriziani has a long background in music as a Professional Recording Artist. She is a Composer, Poet, and Visual Artist, who uses her talents to preserve the inspired works of her Spiritual Master and Twin Soul, The Maha Genii, and to bring forward new inspiration and revelation, as she is "impressed by the Light, with his direct contact."

   She is an Anointed Christian Mystic and Guide, who has now begun her own ministry. She continues the teaching, spiritual guidance, and healing work of The Maha Genii by hosting Gatherings, giving inspired discourse, playing and singing the haunting and beautiful melodies that she has arranged [Maha Genii composed music for several of his poems; Mahara has turned them into songs], guiding meditations, and drawing from the archives of their live radio shows and taped sessions of the Maha Genii teaching at his "Development Circles" during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. She has followed in the tradition of her beloved Maha Genii by closing each session with a personal anointing of the Light for those present at the Gatherings.

    Mahara has been instrumental in showing the transcendent artwork of The Maha Genii to seekers to inspire and uplift them, as well as allowing them to view her own beautiful art. She is making available lithographs of The Risen Christ, and copies of The Maha Genii's two books,The Manu Genesis Speaks and The Alpha and Omega – The Book of Divine Wisdom.

   You can e-mail Mahara if you have any questions and she will answer you personally.