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The Phoenix




By The Maha Genii Turriziani

I am the MAHA GENII of ancient aeons gone.
No longer am I known by the other names I bore.
I am He re-embodied, recalled by lotus soul to self again
To blossom forth by stress and skillful pain
Of constant praise and joyful mirth
Within the deep retreat of my Soul’s grateful ruby joy.

I am the Soul of Prophet, Seer of the Universe, Poet Laureate of Atlantis and Mu.
I am He that was and is now
The only begotten Sun of the Infallible, great Manu,
Setting this solar orb above the plain of earth

This last time to bear witness For the closing of an Age.

Gathering in the harvest, the ancient of seeds
To remove the husks from
The precious, vital soulic nodes
From the fruits, so rare, of vintage seeds
Grown by the God’s benevolent Grace
Unlocked from time’s patient stores
And sacred, secret, blissful, silent awe.

Reflecting images of aeons long past
Wearing the mantle of recording weaves of Holy Light,
To be read upon the leaves of an Age before us now.
To recall the mind of mortals that walk asleep
Upon their moving, unfruitful worlds that mourn,
Though time and seasons pass, on the Arc of Vision.

To them who seed their caverns
Upon the measured fields,
With fervent hearts to plow the earth
And do stir the Fire in their earthen vessels of clay,
To bring to life the elements
Within their cavernous un-kneaded molds,
To mix to perfect order, true metal of gold,
The essence of each, their own nature’s fold.

Seven vials that in constant flow
Doth seek to pour itself into
Each chamber of the Temple of the Living God in man.
Measure of gold that colors radiance to the soul
And joyous heart in all,
Becoming the Sheba, Queen, Crescent-crowned, Glory Ray,
Goddess of the illumined Soul
Upon the plains of the golden harvest ahead.

Thirty and three are the Sons and Daughters
Of the lineage of Ra,
Ascending the prismatic ladder of the Gods
To Saturn’s mount of the Seventh Ray.
The higher the climb, the lighter the load
Never looking behind to see
The falling shadows long.

Reaching beyond the vision
That looms before the ascending sight,
The central, fiery Sun of Suns is the essence,
Giving power of life to the Aton,
Renewing the still, Eternity itself
Declared to be the First Cause of birth alone.

The infant born within the thousand petalled rays,
From the central eye of our Eternal Living God,
Giving great resurgent thrust to life
And the unborn ages ahead;
Coursing like galloping steeds of Fire
From the environs of the Eternal, blazing Suns
Of the Father God, Himself.


By The Maha Genii Turriziani

By Heaven’s sounding decree
And High consent
Into the plane of Earth
Cometh the Soul
Adventuring out again
Upon its seven, chambered ark,
With full, white
Sailed Hopes—
Upon life’s seas embarks,
For each dawn’s awakening
And Sabbath growth.

Trodding the mundane,
Grinding sands
As the Karmic wheel refines
And disperses past karma,
To the refuse of dead, sea shores,
As the soul enters in again,
Within the embryonic
Human seed in clay,
Through infant’s birth’s
Entrance and measured cry;
Upon the Earth timed sojourn
As the lower self’s egoistic mould
Suddenly re-inhabits in new
Garment’s folds.


By The Maha Genii Turriziani

Hear thou sons and daughters, this decree,
Gather ye together side by side for each perfected row,
To the Father’s Vineyard for the planting seeds,
The grapes of Joy to grow upon each vine
Shall be as witness to the Prophet’s voice,
That has proclaimed the Father’s winepress for each tended growth.

Oh fertile soil and fields of God so rare
Most precious streams that flow beneath His loving care.
Oh take His yoke for the Souls true tone
And take the path and humbly seek to know
The inner voice of the Father from His Throne,
As He seeks to council thee as ye turn within
To the lighted shrine within His Court.

Receiving wages for thy labors on His fields.
For virtuous effort He giveth virtue as reward.
Oh Soul of Souls, oh Absolute One,
We come to Thee as each task is done,
Not to take nor thought for pay,
But just to Be
As the morning flower doth look to Thee
For the early sun to chart its course
Along the Heaven’s inverted Pallas crown,
To spray Her jeweled, diadem rays to every humble, seeking Soul.

Oh awe of the Oracle’s sagacious horn
That thrills each newborn prophet’s voice,
Echoing loud throughout the Virgin Soul
And stirs the shepherds to leave their flock
To search the grotto’s, mounds and plains
For each stray soul that wandered far
From the shepherd’s tender, pastoral, chastening staff.

At last the stray doth view with deep remorse
The pastured lands he did for greed depart,
In hopes to find much greener patches, alone to munch,
Caring not for others, but just for self.
Yet the Master of the simple fold
Hath not reproach toward His precious, prodigal lambs,
But just to love each repentant, contrite heart
That lost its way by shadow and of doubt,
Leading them back to the Lighted, pastured realms
Of Peace and Joyful, God-full, Gratitude.



The Wayfarer can find Sanctuary in the Light—attuned to My Glory.
I cannot withhold what I am: I am that I Am.
Though time is being shortened to save—I am long in patience, saying to each one who seeks me:
“May I lift you? Carry you, beyond mortal conception, where theories are dissolved in Living Testimony?”

I desire to protect and give mercy to the seekers, who are guided by Love.
When they lift to me through love, I descend through my Love.
The true essentials of the Spirit remain hidden to discover by diligence.
The Essence of Life in the Light has confirmation through the Truth in revelation of the Soul.

Travel the invisible until it becomes visible through the Living Light of Eye.
Stretch your consciousness in the vastness within your own being—where all is known.
All things needed are contained within to discover and externalize as concepts are increased by attunement.
Truth becomes clear in reality as you grow into dimensional Being.
Faith is your cornerstone—Patience in obedience to our Father God.

The Maha Genii (through Mahara)



© By Maha Genii (Vincentii Turriziani)

From his book, The Manu Genesis Speaks

Rising above this mound
Of burning clay
I leave this self
Behind me as I rise,
I died the death
Of a thousand ages,
I renounced self and Nirvana's bliss
With wisdom's sages;
Liberating my Soul
In the One at last secure,
Throughout all eternity.

Prostrating this self
Now upon the altar
Of God's Immutable Law.
Alas! Emanating purified fire anew
To propel the resurging Soul
As it soars above the self,
Liberated, free-releasing,
Disintrigated lives
Of aeons behind,
A mound of ashes
From this carnal house of clay.

Lo, at last! Triumphant! Androgenii!
Oh my Soul—
Rising above the self
I behold mountainous obstacles
At last removed—
Transmuted by Light
Reborn, immortal again!
Translated: A Phoenix-Androgenii
Wings its way
Homeward within
The Soul's Heart center's
Most Holy Sun.



© By Maha Genii (Vincentii Turriziani)

From his book, The Manu Genesis Speaks

Oh Beloved of my heart attuned,
Come enter into thine inner niche
As I wouldst council my children.
Now hearken unto Me.

Ye that believe, and believing
Seeing that ye do also.
I wouldst impart my Father's doctrine
That weighs as the feather of Spirit
Against the human will.

Yea, behold the stagnant pool
That ne'er stirred itself to life,
To remain self nurtured
In the lower self.

To behold before its laden
Eyes of darkness enmeshed by night,
A fresh new stream that found
The path along the mountain side.

To flow new birth of waters
Upon the seeds that dormant set;
Strewn about the parched Earth,
With no thought for all their incubating years,
Whilst preparing for God's lighted stream:

A living fountain of waters
Upon the chartered course in Light,
At last secured by faith throughout
God's vibrant and sparkling missions.

To be, just a joyous, selfless
Flow of living liquid Fire
That found at last an outlet
In the outer world as Light.



© By Maha Genii (Vincentii Turriziani)

From his book, The Manu Genesis Speaks

Seven are the Robes of Glory
Arraying the illumined Soul with joy;
Seven is the nature of God's gift to mortals,
To the Soul's unfolding petals purest love
As Light's sustaining law is borne
Upon God's Will Divine
To the tranquil heart in the Father's Way.

Oh Come enter ye in upon the narrow path,
Along the rugged lower plane.
Truly the aspiring and dedicated ones
Must trod alone, as ther Master walks beside.
Now, first of the seven planet shores
Toward the Holy, mystic mount
Upward to the apex above
Man's dominions and all Earth's terrains.

Carnal—sensual by name is the Ogre
That must be conquered,
As the first and last
Eternally abide within.
Servant and the Master
Meet the quickening challenge
As death and life, now at last, must be met.

Behold but only one can win,
As decision blazes firmly forth
Upon the mystic, Golden threshold.
Divine Love doth forge thee
An armour of God's Light within.
Arise! Grasp a mighty hold upon it now.
Surely thou seeketh to be the victor
Over all the forces
Of the lower self within.

Stand firm now and be counted
As one who must surely conquer
The self's delusions of personality
That has been clothed with errors weave
From all wants and cravings
Below the deep inclines;
To the deep crevices and the depths
Beneath the strata of the conscious self;
To the realms of creatures
Strange and wailing sounds.

Here the neophyte must safely pass,
Fearless as the bravest warriors of Light,
Charging on to meet man's own first nature,
Sensual-animal, face to face;
To behold the fleeting image
And call it forth to conquer,
The rebellious, willful servant giant
Of man's own Godly, Higher Self
And thus become the Master
By the Omnipotent God Will within.



© By Maha Genii (Vincentii Turriziani)

From his book, The Manu Genesis Speaks

Oh, Beloved aspiring Soul
Upon the Mystic Holy Path,
For thee to tread
The lighted waters,
Faithfully towards thy waiting barque,
Long anchored by thy Faith.

Between the worlds unseen—
This supreme test of Souls
To reach thine Atma's
Winged Ark
Within thy center's
Effulgent Sun.

Now, to reduce to ashes
Thy multi-colored vestures,
Long by the self attached,
Yet adorned as a peacock
E'en by the aspiring being,
Unburdened, lo, at last!

Leaving behind each
Fiery, feathered, Phantom Sheath
To thy pyramid's pyre.
Resurging now, in Holy fire,
Risen—indestructible, Immortal,
Glorified— my illumined
Soul, sustained
Through infinite love, aflame!

Behold—Alpha and Omega,
Twice born anew—
Beloved in the One,
Returned at last secure
Within God's Source
Of Eternal Light.
My joyous Soul again
An infant babe,
Within the Universe's cradle
Of unmanifested, pristine Light.